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Sail away, sail away, sail away…

Sail away, sail away, sail away…
David Franklin/Getty Images/A Terrade

Are you one of this week’s lucky winners? Are you ready to try your luck on today’s quiz question? Click on that little “Listen” arrow above, and join in! Colette Davidson is standing in for me in this week's broadcast.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to The Sound Kitchen. You can catch the programme on-the-air every Saturday at 4:52, 6:22, and 7:52 universal time. You’ll hear the winners' names announced and the week’s quiz question, along with all the other ingredients you have grown accustomed to: your letters and essays, “On This Day,” quirky facts and news, interviews, and great music, so tune in every Saturday! 

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Did you know there is such a thing as official RFI Clubs? Up until now, they have always been French clubs, but now we want to open them up to all our listeners … let’s show the French how involved in RFI the rest of the world is! You can either transform your existing radio club into an RFI Club, or create a brand new one.

Then, any time you plan special events – be they humanitarian, cultural, or sports-oriented; if you want to host an environmental programme or a day dedicated to health issues - RFI will help you with ideas and free promotional items for your members. If you are interested in either changing your radio club into an RFI club, or if you would like to create a brand-new RFI club, write my colleague Sébastien Bonijol in our Listener Relations department.

Sébastien Bonijol
RFI – Relations Auditeurs
80, rue Camille Desmoulins
92130, Issy-les-Moulineaux

Which leads me to another item of interest: the RFI Listener’s Club. Our Listener Relations department has decided that everyone can belong to the RFI Listener’s Club, but you will only be issued a membership number, not an identity card. Only members of an official RFI Club will have identity cards. As an RFI Listener’s Club member, you will still win a premium prize if you win a Sound Kitchen quiz. So no reason to not join – although having an official RFI Club is really far cooler.

If you only want to be a member of the general RFI Listener’s Club – that’s great, too! Just send me (or Sébastien) two identity photographs – and you can send them via e-mail, as jpeg files - along with the photos, send your full name, your postal mailing address, and if you have one, your e-mail address. You’ll receive an RFI Listeners Club number; include that number every time you enter a quiz, and if you are a winner, you’ll get a premium prize!

Nota bene: The RFI Listeners Club used to be called “Club 9516”. So if you are a member of the “Club 9516”, you are already a member of the RFI Listeners Club. Your “Club 9516” membership number still works – no need to reapply. Just include your membership number on your quiz entries.

Look at that beautiful link to the Sound Kitchen Listeners Cookbook! It actually happened! I’m very happy about it, and I hope you enjoy looking at it – and trying out some recipes. Please feel free to send in any comments you have, and we would love it if you’d send in photos – of you, and your completed dish. Don’t hesitate to use the “zoom” tool on countries where there are a lot of forks; that will separate them so you can read the titles easier. Click on the title, and the recipe will appear. 

Today’s question was read on 2 February and was about a very important sailing competition called the Vendée Globe. This round-the-world race started in 1989 and French sailors have won every single time since the competition began! This year was no exception. What was the name of the winner of the Vendée Globe, and what was his winning time?

And the answer is: François Gabart. Gabart is the youngest person, at 29 years old, to win the competition, with a time of 78 days, two hours, 16 minutes and 40 seconds. Gabart made the trip around the world completely alone, without stopping, and beat the previous record set by his fellow countryman Michel Desjoyeaux in 2009 by six days.

The winner’s this week are: Nasser Blahi from Wasit, Iraq; Rafey Mehmood from Lahore, Pakistan; Sultana Begum from Shahzadpur, Sirajganj, Bangladesh; Mr Abdul Latif Baluch from Karachi, Pakistan; and one of our RFI Listeners Club members, Mr Ralf Urbanczyk from Eisleben, Germany.

Congratulations winners!

This week’s question is related to our interview with special guest Anne-Marie Bissada and her recipe for the Egyptian dish, Jew’s Mallow. At the end of March, there’s a major Jewish holiday taking place. In fact, it is the most important holiday for the Jewish faith in the entire year. My question is, what is the name of the Jewish holiday at the end of March this year and how many days does it last?

Send in your answer by 15 April, and be sure and tune in on 20 April to see if you are one of the lucky winners! As always, be sure you send your postal address in with your answer … and, if you have one, your RFI Listeners Club membership number.


Send your answers to:


Susan Owensby
RFI – The Sound Kitchen
BP 9516
75016 Paris


By SMS … You can also send your quiz answers to The Sound Kitchen cell phone !!!!

Dial your country’s international access code, or “ + ”, then 33 6 31 12 96 82. Don’t forget to include your mailing address in your text – and if you have one, your RFI Listeners Club membership number.

Remember, it’s not just the quiz which wins you a prize. If your essay goes on the air, you’ll find a package in the mail from the Sound Kitchen. Write in about your community heroes – the people in your community who are quietly working to make the world a better place, in whatever way they can. I am still looking for your “This I Believe” essays, too. Tell us about the principles that guide your life … what you have found to be true from your very own personal experience. Or write in with your most memorable moment, and/or your proudest achievement. If your essay is chosen to go on-the-air – read by you – you’ll win an RFI radio!

Send your mini book reviews, your musical requests, your secret “guilty” pleasure (mine’s chocolate!), your tricks for remembering things, your favourite quotations and proverbs, descriptions of the local festivals you participate in, your weirdest dream, or just your general all-around thoughts to:

Include a phone number, so I can call you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

All the best,



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