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French weekly magazines review


Most of the magazines this week are talking about France’s National Assembly overwhelmingly approving a key piece of legislation that will allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt children.

Le Figaro has an interview with French philosopher, Bernard Vergely. The headline reads, "After science fiction comes family fiction".

He says opponents of gay marriage are not homophobic but logophiles - friends of reason and logic. Like many French people today, Vergely says, he doesn't think gay people should be persecuted and doesn't doubt their ability to look after children.

But he says while same-sex marriage opponents have centred their argument on the idea that marriage between two men and two women is the same as between a man and a woman, it's not the same.

The opponents campaign has focused on the idea that biologically it's different and that same-sex parents can't provide the same thing a man and a woman can for children.

Le Nouvel Observateur looks at 'The two side of comedian Frigide Barjot'.

Barjot (not her real name) is one of the leaders of the protests against equal marriage rights, with slogans including "A father and a mother, its simple" and "All born of a mother and father", and has called for another national protest in France next month.

The article says that she once hung out in Parisian gay bars but now has this strong stance against same-sex marriage.

Le Point has an extended piece on the French-led mission to Mali.

The headline, "The Tuaregs' failed gamble".

Dossier: War in Mali

The Sahara-based ethnic group took the risk of siding with the jihadists to realise their dream of independence.

But they lost everything.

The article is about how Tuaregs have disappeared from the Malian capital, Bamako, fleeing to Mauritania and Burkina Faso because of persecution due to accusations that they're linked to the insurrection in the north.

Aujourd'hui magazine looks at France's exploration of the possibilities of using shale gas.

The left has been against the idea but now a group of MPs are pushing a new extraction process, it reports.

The MPs say is could revive industry and help solve France's economic woes.

Like secrets? Find out about the Hidden Paris

Hydraulic fracturing, known as "fracking", uses fluid and material to create or restore small fractures to stimulate production in new and existing oil and gas wells.

Opponents of the method say potential environmental impacts include contamination of ground water, risks to air quality and gases and chemicals reaching the surface.

L'Express has an interview with French singer Camille with the title "Don't follow the arrowed path".

The interview with the non-conformist singer looks at her new role in the film Elle s'en va (She's leaving) in which she plays the daughter of Catherine Deneuve.

And back in Aujourd'hui magazine, they chat to French singer Thomas Dutronc and author Nicolas Rey about their methods of seduction just in time for Valentine's Day.


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